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Save 10% on boarding for your dog. And secure the best rates for hotels, vacations, cruises and more.

We have something in common. As many of you may know, one of my passions (apart from dogs) is travel. And most of you love to travel also. 
Pulling out your laptop or smartphone and choosing your vacation is great fun and we are all doing it these days. But then we start the hours of fine tuning the right price, the best rate, the best deal through numerous websites.
Save your self time and piece of mind and give me your hotel, vacation, cruise details... I am affiliated with Roger’s travel which is headquartered in Wayne. A family owned travel agency since 1949. 

  • Provide me with your vacation or hotel details and I will price match
Call me to book your weekend hotel room, your package to Mexico, the Caribbean, your cruise... On a larger scale I will also arrange your group party-trip, resort weddings, full service butlered, chauffeured tours through Europe and beyond. 

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