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  "I have been delighted with The Pooch Pad-Luxury Dog Boarding Service.  Pam was the first person who cared for my puppy since I had adopted her, and I left for a long weekend comfortable and confident that she was in capable and loving hands.  I received texts and pictures of her happily playing.  From an administrative end, I found Julie to be professional, pleasant and efficient.  All the details were clearly explained and seamlessly carried through.  I am very pleased to have someone to call when I need to leave my baby back home.  Thanks to all of you!"           Laura in Wynnewood

Julie: My family loves that Rookie is so well taken care of while we are away –for a day, overnight, or a week.  It’s so convenient to have more flexible drop off/pick up times, and we know he is receiving personal care and getting lots of affection that he demands.  It’s like he has a second home!  Our minds are at ease knowing he is playing with other dogs, and getting out each day for walks and just to play in the yard.   You did a great job matching us up (with Loretta who is terrific!), and we are so glad to have found your service so we don’t have to resort to a traditional kennel.  Thank you!Kim

I called Julie at The Pooch Pad from the hospital. She went to my house, picked up my dog Morry and took him to her home. Morry has been in the excellent care of Nancy. Morry is older, loves attention and being close to you --  a home atmosphere is less stress on any animal v. a crate in a loud kennel, no matter how many treats or night strolls you provide. When Nancy collects Morry he goes running up to the car to greet her, tail wagging and never looking back!  D&J 
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