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             The Pooch Pad-Luxury Dog Boarding Liability Waiver
I understand The Pooch Pad-Luxury Dog Boarding will exercise due care to  protect the health and safety of my dog while in their care. In the event my dog becomes ill or sustains injury, I have given permission for Julie Adams, Pam Laken, Anne Krakovitz, Regina Donnelly, Loretta Noonan, Nancy Kane, Judi McMearty, Nancy Sargent, or any other person under the care of The Pooch Pad-Luxury Dog Boarding, to take whatever steps necessary to obtain medical treatment for my dog. I agree to promptly pay all charges incurred. I consent to any veterinarian being retained to render care for my dog in case of emergency.
I understand that I am boarding my dog(s) in an environment where they will be socializing and interacting with people, and other dogs of all sizes. As always, with the interaction of dogs, there is a chance of injury. I assume all risks of injury to my dog while with The Pooch Pad or in transportation to any veterinarian clinic, so long as reasonable care is taken to prevent any unnecessary injury, death or loss. I certify that my dog has never unduly harmed or threatened anyone or any other pets.
By boarding my dog(s) with The Pooch Pad, I agree not to file legal charges against The Pooch Pad for any injury, death or loss of  my dog. I hereby waive and release The Pooch Pad from any liability of any nature for any injury, death or loss of my dog resulting from The Pooch Pad’s actions or from the actions of my dog or any other dog while in the custody of, or on the grounds. 
In the event my dog causes injury to another dog or to a person while at The Pooch Pad, I agree to indemnify and subrogate The Pooch Pad from any action which may be brought against it and for any defense, settlement, or judgment against it. I will assume all liability for the actions of my dog.  

"I have yet to board my labrador here but we have booked him in to stay while we are away this summer. He was very happy to be there when we visited, and I am so pleased to have found such a nice place and loving family for him to stay with."

                 Pet Care Booking and Reservation Information 

Pet Sitters do not handle reservations and cancellations directly. The Pooch Pad-Luxury Dog Boarding can not be held liable for reservations or cancellations made through Pet Sitters. Liability coverage provided by The Pooch Pad-Luxury Dog Boarding only applies to reservations made directly through the company, not through any of our Pet Sitters. 
All Pet Sitters have signed a non-compete agreement with the company. They are not permitted to accept pet sitting assignments on the side. Should they do so they will loose their jobs.
Following the above policies will help us keep our good pet sitters on staff and allow us to continue to provide excellent pet care for our clients throughout the Main Line. 
All reservations and cancellations must be made through the business office 610 316 0528

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