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I have 2 years of veterinary school education, and now devote my time to giving, and overseeing the best pet sitting service for your dog in and around the Main Line.
Our dog sitters at The Pooch Pad are all dog owners, or have worked with rescue facilities, grooming shops, or have obedience training skills.  
The Pooch Pad provides your dog a home from home when you are away. The Pooch Pad offers your dog a family to live with, in their home on the Main Line. We have families in Wayne, Devon, Paoli, Bryn Mawr, Norristown, King of Prussia, Havertown, Broomall, Media, Springfield and Bluebell.  
Your dog will live with us, sleep in our home and spend its day with a loving family. Yards are fenced.    
This is the best cage free boarding on the Main Line.    

Open for drop off and pick up 
Monday-Sunday 7:30am - 10:00pm

"We have been extremely grateful for the care and consideration our sometimes cranky 13 year-old dog, Opel, has received from the POOCH PAD. All the homes Opel has stayed in have been compassionate and understanding of the demands of an older dog. Even on short notice, we have never, in 3 years, been told we cant find a home under a POOCH PAD roof for as many nights as necessary. THANKS POOCH PAD!!! "IT'S GREAT TO HAVE PEACE-OF-MIND WHEN YOU LEAVE YOUR PET BEHIND."

 I operate this business because I know how dependent dogs are on us, and how connected we are to our dogs.
 I know how affectionate your dog is, and that he always misses you when you are gone - even for 5 minutes.  
 Think how your dog looks at your eyes when you talk to him and that they know the most important thing is that you're together. 

"We were so glad to have found The Pooch Pad. Julie is great from start to finish. Our BIG puppy has all the comforts of home with her family. No kennel trama for Kali and no worries for me"

We  meet all our guests prior to booking a reservation to make sure your dog is happy within the home environment. When your dog returns to the family he/she will be staying with, they will be returning to a familiar place with familiar faces.  
All house guests must be reasonably well behaved, house trained, and have never harmed or threatened another dog, pet or human. 
The Pooch Pad Luxury Dog Boarding provides a family home for your dog.
When your dog stays with us, you will feel sure, that we will provide your dog with love, care, and attention, just like your dog was our own.
Contact us for more information!

610 316  0528 
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